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body art and summer skin care

Summer is coming around again, and that means it’s time to talk about something that’s incredibly important for those who have body art: summer skin care.


Most tattoo artists will advise the use of sunscreen on healed tattoos (not new ones though), which is a great idea for three main reasons.  Number one: prolonged sun exposure can fade tattoo inks, and everybody wants their tatts to look their best.  Number two: sunburn even on a healed tattoo not only hurts, but is just as damaging to the skin as it was when you weren’t inked.  Which brings us to number three: it’s harder to visually detect skin changes on heavily tattooed areas, and noticing even small changes is essential to the prevention and early detection of skin cancer.  So in a nutshell, it’s best to examine the skin’s surface often and liberally protect with sunscreen to severely reduce the chances of damage. There are even products available on the market that are made specifically for tattooed skin.

 using sunscreen to protect your tatts

Piercings and Dermals

Continuing your aftercare regimen is equally important, whether that includes, cleanses, soaks, moisturizers, or whatever else your modification artist suggests.  For this, there’s no substitute for the convenience of pre-mixed aftercare products to keep you on track.  These generally come in the form of creams, balms, sprays, mouthwashes (for oral piercings), and liquids or gels handily packed into pre-measured swabs.

 convenient on-the-go aftercare products

Spray and swab items for piercing care are also wonderful because they’re designed to limit any hand contact with piercing itself, all but eliminating the risk of bacteria spreading from the fingers.  This makes them a great take-along for beach parties or camping trips.

summer aftercare convenience


A lot of piercers and tattooists will recommend the avoidance of stagnant bodies of water such as lakes or ponds for swimming, and will also suggest a cleaning or rinse following any type of swimming activity.  Piercings or tattoos that are not yet fully healed should also be kept away from pool chemicals, especially chlorine.

 avoiding stagnant waters and chlorine

Summer usually means a lot of alcohol and processed or sugary drinks too, so extra attention should be paid to oral piercings, particularly those that are less than 90 days old.

If you take care of your modifications diligently throughout the season, it’ll only be that much sweeter when you get to show them off.  For more about body mod aftercare solutions, visit the Piercing and Aftercare category, and remember to sign up for our newsletter for awesome offers and the newest in piercing and jewelry trends.

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