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In need of new accessories for that awesome Halloween costume? Just read on as we show you how to accessorize with piercings for costumes from any genre.

Feminine and Flirty


If you plan on going as a burlesque dancer, Vegas showgirl, pretty peacock, or even a Hollywood or Bollywood starlet, peacock accessories are a great accessory for your outfit.  They’re bright, feminine, flouncy, showy, and best of all, simple and affordable.


To be an angel, a nun, or a pure and lovely princess, white pearls are the perfect accentuating feature.  Faux works just as well as real in this instance, and the price is right, so why not pearl it up?


Creatures of the Night


For vamps, their victims, and those that hunt them, gothic accessories are the surefire bet.  To modernize the costume or poke fun at the genre, a little blood-sucker kitsch is also a definite yes.  Check out the jewelry that makes light of sanguinarian culture with the comical phrase “bite me.”  Great if you’re in for some bloody good fun.


For the wolfy set that chooses to remain in human form while dropping subtle hints about their furry alter egos, you need only reference the obvious when it comes to finishing touches.  Glowing dangles or Native American influences are a true to legend bonus.


For zombies, ghouls, swamp creatures, and the general undead, a fun way to accessorize that really adds dimension to a costume is with creepy crawlies.  Spiders especially fit the bill because of the stigma of poison attached to them and their general acknowledgement as being friendly to the grave, but other bugs including centipedes, beetles, and scorpions are a fine addition here as well.  Just try not to show off to someone who is arachnophobic.

Magical Beings

Fairy Folk

Fairies, elves, and all form of magical creatures are best accessorized with a little glitter.  Purple is the perfect color, as it denotes magical powers and mystery, but any hue will do provided it matches with your wings.


For witches and sorcerers, a little blood red gets the point across that your character is evil, foreboding, or just up to no good.  The sparkle of red crystal is simple enough not to detract from the ensemble, but vibrant enough to impart that little je ne sais quoi.


Biker Chic

Need piercings or tattoos in places you don’t have them to make your costume complete?  No problem!  Just click for faux piercings and temporary tattoos to meet all your costuming needs.  Happy accessorizing!

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