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One of the neatest new trends in jewelry for the Fall season is the incorporation of Egyptian motifs and coloring.  A return to rich golden and copper hues, along with traditional ancient Egyptian gem tones and opulent styling is easy to pull off and easy on the wallet, as faux costume jewelry makes a serious comeback.

To monopolize on this new trend in fashion, costume choices for Halloween or other parties are a fun way of trying out the style to see what works and what doesn’t, and to discover first hand your own personal preferences.  For costuming the aesthetic can be a little more bold, but follow these quick tips and you’ll be able to walk like an Egyptian for a day at the office or a night out on the town.

1. Add some uniquely Egyptian touches

One of the easiest ways to go Egyptian is with arm bands; the style is unmistakable, the look is on trend, and the idea is versatile.  This can be done with bracelets that fit above the elbow, or for an added draw, with temporary tattooing.  To go the tattoo or body paint route, just stick with warm tones or monochrome and go for simple tribal motifs.  Incorporating elements of the sun is a true to form bonus, as the Egyptians were a sun worshiping culture.

2. Pull Egyptian coloring into your gem and crystal elements

Traditionally Egyptian jewelry would include a variety of semi-precious gems that can be found today or whose coloring can be easily copied.  Amazonite and Amethyst (purple), Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise (blue and bluish green), and Quartz, Garnet, and Jasper (clear, to golden yellow, to orangish brown, or even bright red in color) are just some of these.  While almost any hue can be incorporated into gem coloring for an Egyptian look, warm golds, reds, bright blues and blue-greens, and varying tones of purple will give a hint of opulence all on their own while maintaining authenticity.

3. Get your gold on

For piercings of the face and ears, layering gold and copper tones and keeping shapes simple with studs, small spikes, or hoops, is a surefire way to keep your style decidedly Egyptian.

4. Go with what you know

Motifs that include snakes, birds, or twisted chain are a style bonus, especially when in costume as Nefertiri or Cleopatra.  Another great staple of Pharaoh-like adornment: the ankh, an ancient symbol of eternal life.

Now that you’ve got the Egyptian look down to a science, there’s just one thing left to do: raid your mummy’s jewelry box for some sweet antique gold earrings.

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