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New Year's Eve jewelry

As the end of 2013 approaches, and our Christmas hangover dwindles, the dawn of a new year sparks feelings of new beginnings, a fresh start, collective positive change, as well as reaction and/or reflection of our experiences over the past 12 months.

All of the above mean one thing. It’s time to celebrate! And if you’re going to celebrate, you obviously have to celebrate in style!

Whether your plans consist of spending $150 on an all night formal extravaganza, or just hanging out with a few close knit confidants and watching the ball drop on TV, you must ring in the New Year with some fresh new glam.

If your night looks to be more like a party straight out of The Great Gatsby, you’ll be in need of some sharp new jewelry to really make yourself stand out on the big night. Perhaps some swank rose gold, or some shimmering sterling silver? Cubic zirconia always lends an air of enchantment to your look. If you plan on doing a formal up-do, maybe what you need is a sexy new ear cuff to really set it off.

Of course, some of us are a little too weary to spend the night out due to the “Ghost of Christmas cash,” so even if your New Years plans aren’t exactly eventful, you can still provide yourself with a little something to spur your motivation to follow up on your New Years resolution(s). There’s nothing wrong with a new belly ring to motivate you to prevent the winter gym evasion. Or some new plugs might be just what you need to remind you that you’re making positive changes this season. Either way, the new year means new trends and new style.

There are 3 things to remember as the big night approaches:

1.  This is the time of year to appreciate your friends and family.

2.  Have as much fun as possible.

3.  SAFETY FIRST this New Years’ Eve!

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