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 sparkling celebratory style

My resolution every year is simply to be fabulous. New Year’s Eve is about celebration and re-invention; it’s also one of the biggest party nights of the year, and a great excuse to dress up. We all want to look like a princess and get that magical midnight kiss. Anything can happen in the New Year. It’s a total fresh start, and you have to ring it in right by looking spectacular. Your dress should have as much sparkle as possible, and your date should be extra dapper. Whether you are sipping champagne at an elegant soirée, watching fireworks at a chic rooftop party with prince charming, hanging at a chill house party with your best friends, or anything in between, you will want to shine.

Facial Piercings: This is when you will want to ditch the basic steel balls and hoops and go for something a little more glamorous. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But for those of us who can’t afford the real thing there are alternatives. Put your best face foreword with sparkling crystalline or aurora gem labret/monroes, dermal tops, nose rings, and more. A shimmering gem nose stud is much more elegant than a hoop, and makes a bold yet classic statement.

 gem laced and glittery New Year's Eve fashion

Ears: for non-stretched ears you can wear glorious dangling earrings or glamorous diamond studs. Bold, multi-gem cheater plugs are also perfect for a New Years eve look.

If you do wear plugs, the possibilities are even greater. New Dangle Plugs give that extra girly glamour to your look. Ultra glitter plugs and gem tunnels are also great options for the New Year. Even a set of simple tunnels with a pair of dangle hoop earrings are a great pick. Multiple ear piercings are always fun to accessorize too; graduated size crystal studs look fabulous going up your ear. Dangle cartilage jewelry is also very popular right now and comes in many styles. Dangling bow cartilage jewelry is perfect for a black tie affair, while cuff/chain jewelry that connects multiple ear piercings can bring a more punk rock feel to your New Year’s look.

 sweet dangling cartilage studs

Belly Rings: although it may be cold outside it’s definitely hot in the party! Two piece party dresses (think little tight top and princess skirt) or form fitting dresses with cut outs at the waist, are great options for your new years look.  Your belly rings should sparkle as much as the new years ball. Long, dangle gem belly rings create a fantastic elegance. If you’re not planning on bearing your midriff, you can go for a simple double gem belly ring for comfort.

Now that we have the accessories out of the way, it is time to talk clothes. Most girls go for a dress on New Years Eve; satin or sequins, long or short, you decide. Drop the Christmas green and red combo and go silver, gold, and glittery! Glitter shines like fireworks but there’s still something to be said for the simple and sensational little black dress. The most popular colors of the season are gold, silver, black, champagne, white, red, fuchsia, or navy blue. Depending on your dress, a vintage inspired pearl necklace or big gem cocktail ring would also be an adorable addition. Stiletto heels and a great up-do will complete your party look. For your date, if he’s wearing a tux or snazzy suit, set him up with black titanium gem tunnel plugs and sleek blackline body jewelry. The important thing is to wear something that is comfortable to dance the night away in. Let’s make 2014 the best year ever!

What are you wearing this New Years eve? Reply with your style tips in the comments below!

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