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Out with the old; in with the new. Spiral barbells are a new stylish modification to the circular barbell. Spiral barbells are also known as helixes, twisters, or twisted barbells, because of their shape. The spiral barbell adds interest and flair to many piercings. This jewelry is often worn in the navel, ears, eyebrows, nipples or lip; you can wear them almost anywhere. The twisted shaft is comfortable, durable, and safe, and they are curved in a way that helps to put less stress on most piercings. Spiral barbells of different types will come primarily in 14 and 16 gauge sizes, as most of the piercings they can be comfortably worn in are within that size range.

This style of jewelry may be so popular nowadays because it is an attractive and exotic alternative to regular curved barbells and comes in a variety of designs and materials like surgical grade stainless steel, titanium, acrylic, gold, and enamel. The spiral barbell can also be combined with gems and charms for that little extra something to create a look that is fashionable, yet elegant. The bottom line is that this fresh style is trendy, fun to wear, and will enhance any piercing.

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