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We all have or favorite pieces of body jewelry, and even those of who like variety and have accumulated a large jewelry wardrobe will eventually find a go-to piece that we feel we just can’t live without.  So what happens when your favorite piece of body jewelry falls to pieces?  This dire situation can leave a piercee upstream without a paddle.  But those of us who want to keep our favorite items literally “forever” can fear no more, because replacement parts and bonus packs are here to save the day.

Replacement parts are more available now than ever before, and it’s a great relief to know that if our ball tips scratch or crack or a barbell shaft falls down the drain there’s a cost effective and easy way to replace the missing part and keep our favorite jewelry elements.  Replacement balls with gem tips, 14 karat gold, glitter and ultraviolet acrylic, and anodized titanium colors make it easy and effective to find the perfect match, whether jewelry is a captive ring or some type of barbell.

Barbells that are circular, straight, curved, and spiraled will all be able to take the same type of replacement ball as long as three factors are adhered to.  The replacement piece must be threaded for the correct barbell gauge (14 gauge, 16 gauge, etc.), the millimeter measurement of the ball must match the jewelry (if you have lost only one ball that measures 4mm, be sure to get a replacement ball that is also 4mm so that they match), and the new ball must be threaded for the correct type of jewelry (external or internal).  An externally threaded barbell (threads on the outside) will need an internally threaded ball (threads on the inside) so that the two pieces are usable together, and vice versa.

For those who have multiple piercings or change body jewelry often, a bonus pack is something to always have on hand.  These handy packs come with a barbell and several sets of matching ball tips in the same package for one low price.  By keeping at least one bonus pack for backup, it’s easy to insure that your favorite item won’t fall out and get lost when you lose a ball and you’ll never be left with nothing to put in a piercing when the item you normally wear breaks.  The other fun thing about bonus packs is the ability to mix and match for colorful new looks, and with different interchangeable balls in the same size, it’s like having several pieces of jewelry in one.

Now when it’s time to expect the unexpected, persons with body piercings can rest easy knowing we’re primed and prepared.

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