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Still too young for a piercing you really want to get? Stuck working a job that doesn’t allow you to have piercings? Not 100% certain you want to get that piercing? Trying to convince mom & dad that piercings can be classy & professional? You can still achieve that pierced look without the commitment to pierce. BodyCandy carries a wide array of faux body jewelry for all types of piercings. Our newest additions are clip on nose hoops. Decorated with colorful opals and sparkling gems, these rings are a huge hit!

For a more bold look, look towards one of the hottest piercings of the most recent years: the septum piercing.

Clip on septum rings are a great way to decide if the septum piercing is a good look for you! Plus they’re just cute. Many of our pierced septum clickers come in faux jewelry options as well.

The best part about fake septum jewelry? They look just like the real thing when you’re wearing them. Check it out!


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