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rich colors for Fall 2014

Jewel tones are coming back for the Fall/Winter season, and these deep brilliant hues are infiltrating the world of body jewelry in a big way.  Just look at what’s ahead for the darker seasons of 2014.

Belly Jewelry

Rich, solid gems with simple classic cuts take center stage, as the solitaire reemerges to lead the belly jewelry pack.  The only difficulty with these scene-stealing bling rings?  You’ll definitely want to snatch more than one.

 jewel tone classic belly jewelry

Septum Jewelry

This season septums get the red carpet treatment, with dark, tasteful sparkle that hogs the romantic gothic spotlight.  Wing eyeliner past your outside edges and rock a pale nude lip, and these beauties will do the rest to bring the focus to your baby blues.

 jewel tone septum clickers

Cartilage Jewelry

Fall’s helix jewelry is ready to go rogue, with stunning variations of your favorite feminine shades.  Deep fuchsias, mauves, maroons, and plums get stacked in varying sizes to give the multi-piercing look an instantly chic appeal.

sparkling ear cartilage studs

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