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modification preparedness

The new school year is already here, and as things begin to get hectic this Fall, it’s more important than ever to make sure that modified skin is healthy.  So here’s a few quick tips to help you be ready and set for smooth sailing during the entire year.

1. The temperature and humidity regulation inside large buildings like schools isn’t exactly ideal, and a full week in those conditions can cause dry skin and irritation, especially for those who are sensitive.  On the go aftercare products like moisturizing cream for tattooed skin are great to have on hand for exactly this reason.  Also, if piercings are less than six months old, a sea salt aftercare spray or pre-filled medicated swab are lifesavers for quick cleanings, particularly since they let you avoid having to touch anything in germ-filled public restrooms.

 caring for modified skin on the go

2. The other big worry for those who are pierced is the loss of vital body jewelry parts.  Accidentally dropping a ball is incredibly inconvenient in situations where it just isn’t possible to leave your classes and buy a replacement, so another good tool to have in your arsenal is a bonus pack.  This is a pack that includes one or two barbells and multiple interchangeable balls, so you’ll never have to stress about lost parts during the school day.  There are also multi-packs of single piece jewelry like nose rings and standard earrings, just in case you experience a mishap.

 body jewelry bonus packs

3. And finally, for those moments when you really want to hide your piercings, there are clear retainers.  These are usually made out of a flexible, biocompatible material called bioplast that’s hypoallergenic, and approved for extended wear.

Also, for those who want to stretch their lobes but are short on time and resources, be sure to check out stretching kits; convenient nine piece kits that allow you to stretch your lobes from home on your own (probably hectic) schedule.

 nine piece ear stretching kits

School preparedness?  In the bag.

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