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Get ready for Fall’s hot selection of purpley hues, complete with a fantastic air of feminine mystery and appeal.  In shades of deep fuchsia, saturated violet, and velvety indigo, you’ll never have a dull moment (or a dull outfit) for the rest of the season.

 velvety indigo gem body jewelry

Indigo, a shade of deep bluish plum, is the perfect Fall stand-in for your signature black.  It mixes well with creams, pastels, and shades of gray, but also punches up a range of blues and lacy pinks.  Worn in your favorite piercing, it’s an instant attention-getter.

 bright fuchsia body jewelry

There’s a reason that fuchsia tones have always been fabulous: they’re the perfect girly blend between purple and pink.  These super-saturated, punchy hues dominated the Fall runway, from Kate Spade to Gucci, and everything in between.  Look for feminine touches, like pearlescence or Austrian crystal.

 shining violet titanium jewelry

Violet is returning for an awesome Autumn comeback, and it’s hitting everything from your lips, to hair, to handbags.  One of the funnest ways to rock this sizzling color palette is with little hints of shine that compliment a healthy complexion.  Think purple ball monroe studs or vibrant polished earrings.

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