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Accessorizing a swimsuit can be difficult, but follow these tips, and you’ll never have to wonder what to wear into the pool or onto the beach again.


If your suit is Sporty:

Sporty swimsuits will include those that have zippers, full coverage tops, one pieces with racerback detailing, surf suit material, mesh, and stylized two piece halters.

For a suit that means business when it comes to Summer fitness, accessories should be an equal combination of form and function.  Try simple earrings like hoops (no beading means no snags), and stretch beaded bracelets that can double as hair ties.  And for an extra hint of style that will accentuate any sporty look, go for stripes.


If your suit is Youthful:

Youthful, fun, juniors swimwear will often be bright, slim fitting or bikini cut, and have hot trendy graphics like kaleidoscope, graffiti, or splatter.

To go along with this look, jewelry can be in brights or neons as well, and to add more feminine flare, vivid pinks are the way to go.  For necklaces, choose a pendant type, like dog tags, with brilliant full color designs or flash art.


If your suit is Retro:

This type of suit will have high cut bottoms and bra style tops, or be a full coverage one piece will a very feminine, curvy cut.  Accents that are often used include pleating, ruffling, checks, polka dots, ribbon, and boning.

With retro style, it’s a great flirty addition to go with jewelry and accessories that are keeping with the theme, like vintage pendants and barrettes, or items with retro themes like cherries.


If your suit is Modern:

The modern aesthetic is very simple, generally these pieces have a classic cut whether one or two piece, and utilize solid colors or two-tone graphic patterns.

For this type of look, accessories can be kept very minimal, and limited to a couple classic and simple items.  If you choose bracelets, go for a chunky cuff with minimal detailing; this will give the look substance without being overpowering.  For necklaces, try chokers or unembellished chains, or pick a simple pendant made of natural material like shell for a more beachy feel.


If your suit is Exotic:

Swimsuits that fit into the exotic category will have interesting cuts, cut-outs, feminine fabric combinations, and tropical patterns.

Exotic swimwear demands equally exotic jewelry, so items with lots of dangles and beads, tropical colors, layered chains, and mirror, shell, or glass accents are all appropriate.  Think Balinese or Moroccan chic.

Don’t forget to add cover-ups, sarongs, cut-offs, sandals, jackets, and of course sunscreen, as appropriate.

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