Brainstorm: April Fools and the Perfect Piercing Prank

by Body Candy

For centuries, people have enjoyed playing practical jokes on each other on April Fool's Day. Whether it’s putting saran wrap over the toilet bowl and waiting for your roommate’s panicked screams to echo from the bathroom, or some sort of elaborate lie about the death of your friend’s favorite celebrity, the day is perfect for messing with someone you love (or hate). So, here’s an idea:

Wouldn’t your youth pastor freak out if he saw you looking like that? Wouldn’t your children? That’s the beauty of temporary body art; Its fun, painless and, of course, temporary. Good for giving a little more edge to your look, adding a splash of color to your pallor, or giving your dentist something to look at during a teeth cleaning. Not to mention, of course, the many different practical jokes you can play on your grandparents, parents, little sisters, or just plain gullible friends by slapping on some tattoos and a couple fake nose rings, or rocking a cheater plug or two.

by Body Candy

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