Art Imitating Celebrity: Spring Loves Rooney Mara

by Body Candy

Across runways debuting several designer collections during international fashion weeks, there seemed to be a common thread: Oscar nominated actress Rooney Mara as a muse.

Even before the opening of 2011’s much anticipated English language remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the buzz was already tremendous, not just about the film, but about Miss Mara’s hot new style transformation. And now it looks as though dark tresses with barely-there brows, a stunningly pale, porcelain complexion, and one of the coolest haircuts known to man have become the ultimate inspiration for runway styling.

From full-blown copycats, to hints and nudges, the charmingly gothic fashion sense that Rooney has been exhibiting on red carpet after red carpet since the film’s release was echoed in dozens of designer runway shows. Most notable were touches at Bottega Veneta, Nicholas K, and Versace. 

So have runway stylists finally grown to love the polished romantic gothic look?

by Body Candy

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