Bodycandy’s Top 5 Most Popular Body Jewelry Styles

Bodycandy’s Top 5 Most Popular Body Jewelry Styles

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There are so many types of body jewelry and piercings out there. Have you ever wondered what the most popular styles are and if you’re wearing them? Keep reading to find out what styles of Bodycandy body jewelry are currently the most popular and if you’re keeping up with the most current body jewelry trends.


When it comes to Bodycandy customers, there are five types of jewelry that are consistently popular. They range across all parts of the body and are seriously stylish! The most popular styles of body jewelry for our customers include:


The great thing about these types of body jewelry is that there are several different kinds of each piercing, so there’s one that’s perfect for you. Do you have all five of these types of piercings and if not, should you? We think the answer is yes!


Belly Rings

Navel piercings are currently one of the most common piercings worn by people from all different cultures and backgrounds who want to spice up their look with a little bit of midriff and some great jewelry. It’s no secret – Gen Z is bringing back the belly ring! Bodycandy carries thousands of different belly rings, including:

  • Dangle belly rings
  • Spiral twister belly rings
  • Double mount and top mount belly rings
  • Reversible belly rings
  • 14k gold belly rings
  • Belly chains
  • Pregnancy belly rings


Our standard belly rings consist of simple, stylish ball ends and charms but if you’re looking for something a little more eye-catching there are so many choices! Add drama with a dangle piercing or a 14k gold piece made in the Bodycandy warehouse by our talented craftspeople. 


Choose a spiral twister belly ring for a unique, versatile look that also fits some lip and eyebrow piercings, or our flexible pregnancy belly ring if you’re expecting and want to maintain your piercing. See? Something for everyone!


Nipple Rings

If you’ve got your nipples pierced, then there is no limit to the styles of jewelry that you can wear when you shop at Bodycandy. We sell sets of basic barbells, dangle jewelry, nipple shields, nipple chains, glow in the dark nipple jewelry, nipple rings for holidays, and captive nipple ring styles too! 

While nipple piercings never go out of style, they’ve recently gotten a lot of attention as stars like Kendall and Kylie Jenner as well as Rihanna have all spoken up about having theirs done. Whether you’re interested in nipple piercings because Ri-Ri has them or because you love the way they look and feel, we’ve got a jewelry style that is a great fit for you so be sure to check them out. 


Septum Rings

The great thing about septum piercings is that they come in so many sizes and styles, you’re sure to find something that’s a perfect fit for the shape of your face and size of your anatomy. Bodycandy carries so many cute septum rings, including:

  • hinged segment rings with cute charms
  • horseshoe septum rings with simple ball ends
  • captive rings
  • septum clickers
  • retainers that can be turned up into your nostrils in public or in the office


Another great thing about septum rings is that so many of them can be worn in other piercings, like different parts of your cartilage like the helix. We’ve got septums with a bit of bling so that everyone can see your statement piece and stainless steel choices that never go out of style. Whatever look you’re after, we can help!


Cartilage Jewelry

If you’ve got your cartilage pierced there are so many styles and trends right now for you to take advantage of. One of the hottest looks you can recreate with a series of cartilage piercings is a curated ear look where each of the individual pieces of jewelry is chosen to go with the others. 

You can do an outer space ear with studs that have planet, moon, and star charms, or something dramatic like a dangle look with a series of outer helix piercings that have chain and dangle charms that mimic a conventional ear piercing but add something extra. 

Other trends in cartilage jewelry right now include high lobe piercings that compliment a series of helix studs that run up the outer ear as well as industrial piercings combined with upper helix hoops for a layered look. Tragus studs are still popular for anyone who wants to go beyond the outer edge of their ear and come in a series of studs and hoops that can be worn in lots of other cartilage piercings so you get the most for your money and can change your look every day. 


Nose Rings

If you’ve had your nose pierced for a long time and are looking for new styles and trends, we’ve got some ideas for you. Some of the hottest trends in nose rings right now include combining different types of jewelry and having multiple piercings. 

Do you have both of your nostrils pierced? If you do, you can wear matching jewelry on either side for a stunning, symmetrical, matching look that is super on trend. The opposite is also true; another hot look right now is an asymmetrical pairing of a sweet stud on one side and a hoop on the other. The contrast between the two brings everyone’s attention to your jewelry and the perfect imbalance of your look! 

Besides cute, curated looks like the ones listed above, you can also pair your favorite nostril jewelry with a septum piercing for another version of the symmetrical multi-piercing look. Bodycandy has several different styles of nose jewelry that you can choose from. We carry – 

  • Nose hoops
  • Nose screws
  • Clip on nose rings
  • L shape nose rings
  • Nose bones
  • Septum clickers

With so many options to choose from, we’re confident you’ll find something that is just right for you. Check out our selection now so you can cluster up your jewelry or find the perfect standalone statement piece. Whatever look appeals to you, we can make it happen!


See? No matter what kind of piercing you have or want to get soon, we have a wide selection of jewelry and styles to help you feel like the real you. Whether you want to follow the hottest body jewelry trends or set your own, Bodycandy always has something for you!