10 Reasons to Be Pierced by a Professional

10 Reasons to Be Pierced by a Professional

If you’ve been thinking about getting a new piercing there is nothing that Bodycandy recommends more than going to a professional, reputable piercer. We want you to have a great experience and walk away with a piercing that looks great and will last a lifetime. 

While some people think its ok to pierce themselves or to get a piercing done with a piercing gun like they use at the mall, we don’t agree! Piercing yourself can leave you at risk for infection, scarring, and a piercing that might reject. Getting your new piercing done by a piercing gun can be dangerous too. Piercing guns often come into contact with the body during use and aren’t sterilized between piercings so there is a big risk for germs, not to mention a piercing that is off center and more painful than it needs to be. 

Listed below are the top ten reasons it’s so important to have your piercing done by a professional in a shop with reviews online and a great reputation. 

  1. A trained piercer is experienced and can help give you the information you need so that you are relaxed during the process.
  2. A professional, experienced piercer can help you decide the right size jewelry for your anatomy and can identify any problems you may have with a piercing before you get it.
  3. A professional piercer will explain everything that’s going to happen before, during and after your piercing so you won’t get any surprises. 
  4. An experienced piercer will have a portfolio of past work for you to check out so you know you’re working with someone who will do a great job. They will likely have reviews online that will help you choose your piercer, too. 
  5. A reputable piercing shop that has been open for a while will have a better selection of safe, high-quality jewelry.
  6. Licensed, experienced piercers use professional, sterilized equipment. They use an autoclave for sterilization, NEVER reuse disposable supplies, and know the rules and regulations of their trade to meet health and state guidelines.
  7. Professional piercers thoroughly clean and prep their workspace to lower the risk of infection before, during, and after your piercing. 
  8. Professional piercers have years of experience and training that will help to ensure that your piercing looks perfect on you. Proper spacing and placement is key!
  9. A professional piercer will teach you about the aftercare for your piercing so that it heals properly. They’ll give you an idea of how long healing should take, best practices, and signs that you may be experiencing an infection. 
  10. A professional shop with trained piercers will be able to offer you the aftercare products you need so that you leave the shop with everything necessary to take care of your fresh piercing as it heals. 

Remember, if you’re thinking about getting a new piercing the best decision you can make is to work with an experienced piercer with a great reputation so that you know you know you’re getting the best care and service. Getting a piercing may not be painless, but picking the right shop and piercer will help you have a low-stress experience and a piercing you’ll love long after the pain of piercing is done.