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lower lip piercings

Piercing: Since a portion of the jewelry will rest inside the mouth, when receiving a lower lip piercing your mouth will be disinfected inside and out, usually with a mouthwash and a liquid disinfectant like iodine.  For the piercing itself, a hollow piercing needle of either 16 or 14 gauge is generally used, along with Pennington forceps, and sometimes a cork.

 lower lip being pierced

Aftercare: Oral piercings require care for both the inside and the outside of the lip, so special mouthwashes, sea salt rinses, and/or gentle cleansings with antibacterial soap may all be included in the regimen.  Avoidance of smoking, lipstick, and heavy alcohol are also encouraged.

Jewelry: Labrets are most commonly worn with either a stud or a piece of circular jewelry, but “talons,” lippy loops, and spiral barbells can also be used.  For easier wear and reduced risk of damage to the gums, many who wear studs will choose a push-in style of jewelry with a flat, non-metallic backing.

Style Variations: off center labret, vertical labret, inverted vertical labret, lowbret, snake bites, spider bites, and dolphin bites.

 various piercings of the lower lip

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