Body Jewelry Update: Night at the Museum

by Lorna

style straight from the museum

Tomorrow is International Museum Day, a day to celebrate the history, beauty, and education that take place in our museums around the world.  And one of the biggest draws in any museum’s arsenal is the Egyptology wing.  Aside from amazing jewelry, mind blowing cultural artifacts, and the all important mummy, ancient Egypt has also given us proof of both piercings and ear stretching amongst the ancient upper class.  So it’s only fitting that we give the middle kingdom its due, with some fun and fashionable Egyptian style body jewelry.

cool Egyptian fashion jewelry

Complete with cool pyramid and hieroglyphic graphics, these snappy offerings make an awesome addition to laid back summer style.  Now if we can all make sure that we don’t provoke any ancient curses, we’ll be good to go.

by Lorna

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