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prom and grad party accessories

Looking to accessorize a fabulous outfit for prom or a fancy graduation party?  Then here are some sweet and simple picks to add the perfect little touch to your awesome ensemble:

sweet pastel chandelier earrings

If you’re wearing a white, cream, or pastel colored dress, sticking to the same color scheme is best.  Just sweep hair back or up, and add some amazing statement earrings.  Golden tones warm up the color palette, while faux stone and decadent chandelier styling bring a nuveau riche and very of-the-moment feel.  Aside from a beautiful matching manicure, no other accessories required.

beautiful pearl necklaces

To balance a gown with print, gem detailing, or embroidery, a simple, classic pearl necklace is a great way to go.  It draws attention to lovely bare collar bones and works well with a massive variety of hues and patterns, and when styled as a solitary accessory, pearls impart an instant dose of chic.

brilliant gem cocktail rings

If necklaces and fancy earrings might impair your ability to get down and funky, there’s always one surefire statement accessory that never goes out of style and has no problem staying put: the cocktail ring.  Go unexpectedly modern with two or three finger styles, or do it up retro for some magical glam.  It all depends on how much bling floats your party boat.

fab floral temporary tattoos

Sometimes statement jewelry can be a little bit much, but a strategically placed faux tattoo is an awesome way to add interest without the hassle of jewelry’s weight or movement.  The dainty and feminine areas are a perfect destination for your false ink too, because then attention can be focused on your favorite spots.  So try tatting up your feet or ankles, wrists, or the back of your neck, and then go ahead and get your party on.

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