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daith ear cartilage piercings

For those who are unfamiliar, the daith is a piercing of the thin outcropping of ear cartilage that stretches from the opening of the ear canal just above the tragus.  It’s essentially the spot where the end of the helix meets the concha (flat plane) of the ear.

The daith is a relatively modern piercing as piercings go, because it wasn’t even formally invented until 1992.  First performed by famous piercer Erik Dakota, the name itself was decided upon by both he and the client, a spiritually in tune woman who equated the piercing to a conduit of knowledge, due to its placement.  The intention of the daith as originally envisioned is to be worn with a ring of some type, so that it then appears that the jewelry is emerging from within the ear canal.  In this way the piercing would act as a guardian, filtering through only words of meaning and substance to be heard.  The word daith is taken from the Hebrew da’at (דעת) or daath, meaning knowledge.

In recent years the daith has seen a growth in popularity, with newer, more interesting jewelry coming into prominence.  Still maintaining the original design, but with a fun and modern twist, items in the shape of hearts and stars are leading the pack along with gem hoops.

fun daith piercing closure rings

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