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If you’re a make-up or modification enthusiast, you may have seen some interesting things on the internet lately, like women from countries across the globe who look like dolls, and I mean seriously look like dolls.  So who are these women, and what did they do to become living barbies?

 modified and made up to look like a doll

Although this trend is slightly disturbing visually, young women around the world have been transforming, and most of them do it with a combination of a few things.  For starters, the make-up makes a huge impact, and is in some cases so extreme that it can be considered body art rather than standard maquillage.  Just ask Fukkacumi, the anime doll.  Fukkacumi, whose real name is Anastasiya Shpagina, comes from the Ukraine where this trend has really taken off, and reportedly takes up to three hours to put on her doll face!  Another Ukrainian native, Miss Valeria Lukyanova, is also a living doll, but along with her impressive makeup, she’s reportedly had several surgeries to enhance her features.

In Russia there’s another modified doll girl, Angelica Kenova, who claims that her look is all natural and attained through diet and exercise.  Like many of her fellow dolls, she appears to have possibly used corsetry as well.  Miss Kenova however, unlike her peers, happily references herself as a “Barbie” doll and is often photographed with her rather normal-looking beau.

This trend has also blown up in Asia, particularly China, Japan, and Korea.  China’s favorite doll girl, Wang Jia Yun, was eventually exposed though as a gifted modification artist of a different kind: all of her photos were photoshopped.  Many other women of Asian decent have also made waves for their doll-like features though, like Venus Palermo of London, England and Alodia, a cosplayer from the Phillippines.

In the United States and UK, the living doll trend has grown to encompass many extreme forms of body piercing, as well as dermapigmentation or “cosmetic tattooing.”  Standard tattoos of buttons, corset pulls, and other primarily doll-suggestive features have risen in popularity as well, although America’s most famous reported doll, Dakota Rose, seems to achieve her look primarily with makeup and circle contact lenses.

 doll body mod

So how many more living dolls will we see?  Only time will tell, but this is one body modification trend that seems likely to flourish well into the future.

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