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Swarovski. It’s a name we’re all familiar with. In fact, hardly a person in the world can say that they don’t own at least one item containing Swarovski Crystal Elements. Founded in 1895, the brand has spent over one hundred years developing its quality and vision and extending its reach. Found on everything from key chains to pencil cases, earrings to evening gowns, Swarovski is a world leader in precision-cut, fashion forward crystal elements of all styles and sizes.  And with spring just days away, it’s the perfect time to take a look at one of the company’s most ravishing innovations: the aurora.

Aurora borealis, or as many of us call it, the northern lights, is a geomagnetic phenomena that occurs when atoms high up in earth’s atmosphere collide with energetically charged particles. Depending on the energy level and an area’s placement relative to magnetic north, auroras can appear as a diffused glow across the sky, or a clear distinct shape with natural waves. What makes an aurora so stunning, however, is its distinctive coloring. When conditions are just right, a myriad of vivid colors can appear in the sky, casting almost supernatural hues across the night or dawn. Because it’s a natural phenomena, the aurora can change from moment to moment, giving off an almost iridescent effect. This is precisely what Swarovski have worked to capture in their aurora crystals.

Aurora style crystals have been imitated worldwide and are now available from several different sources. The idea is a softly colored, iridescent crystal that shines with different hues in different light and as it moves, mimicking the effect of the aurora borealis. Colors range from soft pinks, violets, and sea foam greens, to vibrant ambers, brilliant golden yellows, and exotic blues. Different styles of crystal will display different tones.

Although aurora might naturally make us think of snow, the bright and lovely coloring and shimmering multi-tonal quality make them a perfect pick for the feminine and ephemeral fashion that, in the 2010s, has become synonymous with spring.

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