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Some gorgeous hair and makeup hit the runway during Milan Fashion Week, and pop culture influences were plain across the board. But among some of the more interesting, futuristic, and very statement maquillage, it was nice to see some familiar and classic styling too, like at Moschino.

Styling included some retro 60s volume through the crown, black ribbon details, and a paired down lip. Eyes were brightened with a modern classic, the heavy cat eye, and the overall styling was very neo-retro. Decidedly feminine, simple, and fresh, one thing comes to mind when reviewing images from the show: Adele.

Taking into account the recent rash of Amy Winehouse tributes happening across designer runways, remove the unnaturally stark hair colors, plumped rouge lips, and faux monroe piercings, and you’re left with something softer, sweeter, and undeniably vintage inspired.  So was the Moschino stylist purposefully channeling Adele’s signature look?  Tell us what you think.

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