Art Imitating Celebrity: Effie Trinket as a Fashion Icon

by Lorna

Lionsgate’s newest film, The Hunger Games, hasn’t even hit theatres yet, but the pre-release of several images from the fashion-centric film may already be inspiring designer runway stylists to tinker with some special touches.  Case in point: Hunger Games character Effie Trinket and her signature Swarovski cheek accent.

 Hunger Games character Effie imitated on the runwayfrom left: runway model at John Richmond, Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket (source: WGSN)

One of the first images released from the film’s promotional camp was this one of Elizabeth banks as wealthy fashionista Effie, and shown alongside is a runway shot from Milan Fashion Week.  The designer is John Richmond, and although the ruby pouts and exaggerated cat eyes seen here are common to runway styling as of late, the addition of a teensy sparkling gem in the anti-eyebrow region of the cheek is relatively new.  The placement comparative to Effie’s promo shot is a bit uncanny too.

Elizabeth Banks’s well made up character also recently published a tutorial on the movie’s fashion blog about styled nails, as well as starring in a print campaign promoting the new OPI line inspired by the film (which, like the Twilight series, is taken from a book trilogy, by the way).  And there too, she sports a perfectly placed round crystal gem.

 acrylic nail art segment from Capitol Couture blogacrylic nail art blog from Capitol Couture (source: WGSN)

So will The Hunger Games, a film influenced by modern couture fashion, in turn become an influence for modern couture fashion?  Only time, and a few dozen designers’ Autumn campaigns, will tell.

by Lorna

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