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Who She Is:

Generally strong willed (though she may be the silent type), this rock goddess recognizes the beauty in simplicity. She uses styling that blends the best, most classic elements of retro 90s gothic and retro 70s club punk, solid black, creeper boots, and burgundy lips are generally favorites.

What She’s Wearing:

Never flashy, but always dark and alluring, the best compliment to black is stainless steel. And of course, it never hurts to go traditional and opt for circulars, hoops, and horseshoes.

Perfect Pick:

A paired down punk staple like the surgical steel nose hoop. Whether it’s polished, matte, or has a hint of glass or hematite, matching circular body jewelry is a staple of retro gothic street wear, especially for those that have multiple piercings in the lips or nose.

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