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Septum piercing horseshoe ring

"Am I too old to get that piercing?"

There comes a point in everyone's life where they feel a certain pressure to "grow up." For some people that means buying a house. For others, it means getting married... And for some of you, that might mean you start to question your pierced and modified lifestyle. Am I too old to get that piercing?

Age is just an arbitrary number - everyone's life is different, and people will hit different milestones at different ages... But most people start to feel a certain nagging pressure to "grow up" as they leave their twenties and enter their thirties and beyond. Sometimes that means taking a deep look inward... and outward.

Society has conditioned us to think that piercings and tattoos are reserved only for the young... But let us say it for the people in the back:

Anyone can get pierced!

Anyone of any age can get pierced (... Except minors in some cases)!

Anyone of any size can get pierced!


Woman with nose piercing

Leveling up your pierced/modded look

There's absolutely nothing wrong with rocking a neon eyebrow ring or a pair of snake bites... But sometimes you have to make a tough call in terms of your career. Are your stretched ears holding you back from climbing the corporate ladder?

When/if you're ready to take the step from fun neon colors to adult sophistication, here are three tips to keep in mind:

1.) Try 14k gold

14k gold (or another high-quality metal like titanium) will feel comfortable in your piercing, and, let's be honest, you deserve something nice. Gold may not catch your eye in the same way as a brightly-colored anodized titanium barbell, but it's stunning in a different, more subtle way. Plus, gold comes in a variety of colors. most notably rose gold jewelry, white gold jewelry, and yellow gold jewelry.

If you're still looking for a pop of color, get a nose ring set with a precious gem in the color of your choice. Diamond nose rings and opal nose rings look great with everything. And don't forget, mixing metal finishes is also an amazing way to create visual interest.

2.) Try a hidden piercing (navel, nipple, etc.)

It'll be our little secret!

Some jobs, schools, or grandmas' kitchen tables don't want to see your piercings. Although we disagree, we also understand that some places simply have a dress code.

If you find yourself in one of these situations, think about getting a piercing that isn't readily visible to the public. Belly rings and nipple rings make amazing candidates (and look incredible on everyone) and are almost always covered by regular day-to-day clothing. Even septum rings can be flipped up inside the nose while in public.

3.) Utilize your ear, cartilage, and nose

Although piercings and tattoos have become relatively accepted throughout society, mods in your nose, earlobe, or ear cartilage seem to be the most subtle... But that doesn't mean you can't customize your mods to create a look all your own.

Opt for a 14k gold nose ring or 14k nose stud, or a double nose ring (two piercings on the same side) if you want to push the boundaries just a bit. You can also rock a double nose ring on one side and a single nostril piercing on the other.

Same goes for lobes and cartilage piercings - both ears can be completely customized to be 100% symmetrical or completely different. There is an almost infinite number of ways to pierce your ear - try any combination of the helix, forward-helix, tragus, industrial, rook, conch, daith, snug, and lobe.

nose ring and septum ring

We'll say it again

Whether you're 18, 28, 48, or 68, a new piercing can make you feel amazing. Piercings aren't only beautiful themselves, they can beautify a body part you don't feel good about. Not a fan of your nose? Pierce it! Not a fan of your belly? Add a beautiful dangle belly button ring. Piercings are amazing no matter what your age.

Piercings are for everyone!

  • B

    Hi Kareemah,

    You’re never too old to get pierced, period. It doesn’t matter what your family members think, only what you want. We think you’d look amazing with a nose piercing, everyone does!

    As far as keloids go, if you are prone to keloids, there is always a possibility that a piercing can trigger them. It doesn’t typically have anything to do with the jewelry that was used. If you do decide to get a piercing, you need to go in knowing that a keloid is a possibility.

    Body Candy on

  • A

    What a well written article! I’m 51 and want to get my nose pierced so after reading this I’m doing it today! Thank you so much for your words!

    Andrea on

  • O

    Thanks for these msgs. I am 44 and have debated whether or not I am too old for piercings. I only have my ears, but would love to do something DIFFERENT. My kids and youngest sister support me. These comments have inspired me, and motivated me…THANKS!!❤

    Okga on

  • K

    I’m 49 yrs young I wanted to get my nose pierced and re pierce my ears, but some of family members say I’m to old to get my nose pierced. What do you think? Also I had keloids before but the parlor that I’m going to say that the reason I got those because the wrong jewelry was used and that my piercing should never itch are feel irritated, is that true?

    Kareemah Shakir on

  • V

    Think about getting a septum soon, and two months ago just turned 60. If Saints football player Alvin Kamara can do it, so I can do it, not be judged on other people tell me not to it, it’s my body not theirs.

    Vicki Lassey on

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