Pink Acrylic Eastern Inspiration Clip On Fake Septum Ring

Pink Acrylic Eastern Inspiration Clip On Fake Septum Ring

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Product Details

The septum piercing is all the rage, but if you're looking for the look without committing to the piercing, this clip on septum ring is just for you! This non-adjustable faux septum ring is made from vibrant pink acrylic material for a lightweight feel in your nose with the additional feature of the fashionable tribal design. This septum jewelry is non-adjustable and the clip opening measures 5mm in size with a 9.5mm width and a 7.5mm length.

Details and Materials

.20" (5mm) Opening, 9.5mm Width, 7.5mm Length, Acrylic, Non-Adjustable Clip On

Care Guide

Acrylic: If your jewelry is made of acrylic, please DO NOT put rubbing/isopropyl alcohol on it. You will destroy it. Just clean it like it's normal jewelry and keep the alcohol away. Don't forget to dry your jewelry! Use a clean paper towel. That is all. Careful drying and using a gentle touch will prolong the life of your jewelry and keep it looking awesome.