Natural Wood Christmas Tree Stud Earrings

Natural Wood Christmas Tree Stud Earrings

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Natural Wood Christmas Tree Stud Earrings

Holiday tree earrings. This winter holiday showcase these Christmas tree earrings everyday. These natural wood earrings are the perfect jewelry accessory to showcase your natural style. Stainless steel post stud earrings.

Details and Materials

Approximately 12mm, Silver Plated Posts with Friction Backs, Pierced Earrings, Natural Maple Wood

Care Guide

Wooden Jewelry: This pretty much only applies to plugs. Clean them with a microfiber cloth. Oil them occasionally with body-safe oil. Don't get them wet; water dries out wood. Do NOT use furniture polish. Don't forget to dry your jewelry! Use a clean paper towel. That is all. Careful drying and using a gentle touch will prolong the life of your jewelry and keep it looking awesome.