Handcrafted Wood Heart Jewelry Box

Handcrafted Wood Heart Jewelry Box

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Product Details

Store your treasures in this artisan Handcrafted wooden jewelry box. This heart jewelry box is handcrafted with a magnetic closure to secure your jewelry items. Jewelry box comes complete with a velvet jewelry bag. Protect your jewelry. Also, perfect when giving jewelry as a gift.

Details and Materials

?? Approximate Size: 1 3/4 x 3 x 3 inches, magentic closure

Body Jewelry Box, Gift Box

Care Guide

Wooden Jewelry: This pretty much only applies to plugs. Clean them with a microfiber cloth. Oil them occasionally with body-safe oil. Don't get them wet; water dries out wood. Do NOT use furniture polish. Don't forget to dry your jewelry! Use a clean paper towel. That is all. Careful drying and using a gentle touch will prolong the life of your jewelry and keep it looking awesome.