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20.5mm Purple Teardrop Silicone Flexible Tunnel


20.5mm Purple Teardrop Silicone Flexible Tunnel


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Product Details

Sold Individually, purchase a quantity of two for a pair. Teardrop flesh tunnel plug. Flexible silicone ear plug with a teardrop shape. This silicone plug is a comfortable fit for any tunnel body jewelry wearer.

How to Measure:

Teardrop plug measurements are calculated by measuring the plug from top to bottom (height) and then from side to side (width). The height is then subtracted from the width. This number is now divided by two. The number you come up with is then added to the width, and this is the total circumference of the teardrop plug.


20.5mm Circumference, 16mm Width, 1" (25mm) Height, Flexible Silicone, Sold Individually

Product: 33919