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16 Gauge 3/8 Clear 3mm CZ Star Labret Monroe


16 Gauge 3/8 Clear 3mm CZ Star Labret Monroe


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Product Details

Beautiful cubic zirconia push in labret monroe piercing designed with a 3mm prong set cubic zirconia.


16 Gauge (1.2mm), 3/8" (10mm), Push-In PTFE Shaft, .925 Silver Prong Set 3mm Cubic Zirconia

Benefits of PTFE

1) Can be Sterilized with Autoclave - (PTFE shaft only)

2) Totally Flexible - It will bend with your body tissues unlike all metal Jewelry.

3) Hypo-allergenic - Being one of the least allergic materials, P.T.F.E. is used in the medical industry to make Heart Valves and other surgical implants. Should there be a problem of allergic reaction or rejection to conventional metal jewelry, it is likely that PTFE Body Jewelry is now a practical choice for that person under any circumstances.

Product: 25181