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Pet Rocks, macramé, and paisley ties just might be on everyone’s must-have list with the way the current hipster-youth are fascinated with iconography from the 1970’s. The trend spans from bearded boys, to feathers in your hair, aviator sunglasses, rich printed fabrics, and especially the sometimes kitschy accessories that made the era so memorable and worth emulating. Art styles, celebrities, and certainly music are all being sampled from this vivacious period in history. Our parent’s memories of their golden youth are being highlighted and brought into the modern times with ferocity! The same trends that we teased our parents about (the ones we have seen only in worn, patina laden photographs and then were told the epic tale of the moment the shot was snapped) are exactly what we are paying top dollar to emulate. When my boyfriend came home from a run one night wearing sweat bands on his wrists and head, short shorts, and tube socks with a stripe that matched said short shorts, I smiled very intently.  He is hip? The answer is YES.

Local thrift stores have never been such high fashion hot spots as they are today. Many popular high fashion designers and mall specialty stores actually borrow the aesthetic from those somewhat dirty and quirky thrift shops, putting vintage styles in your hands without the smell and hit-or-miss nature of thrifting. I personally love going on the Thrift Shop Hop and finding one of a kind pieces that none of my just-as-hip and now super-crazy-jealous friends will not find. You will never encounter the used underwear rack, handmade Christmas sweater, forgotten and discarded family heirlooms, or wide selection of other strange and unusual oddities at these over-priced-knock-off-malltiques that you will at a real thrift store. I have a large collection of 1970’s inspired garb including fun and powerful printed polyester dresses, natural stone broaches, large sunglasses, and a gloriously kitschy gold owl necklace that moves when you wear it!

Owl Jewelry: Wear it to a Hootenanny or Even on a Date!

Hoo knew? Owls are where it’s at! Nocturnal birds of prey are now stylized and cute! Whimsical and magical, owls are now featured heavily in popular cinema.  The Harry Potter Series, featuring an owl named Hedwig, and a high budget CGI action movie starring nothing but owls titled “The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole” are just two examples of owls in pop culture. Owl accessories are not limited to the awfully adorable moving necklaces you might find at a local thrift store. They pop up on purses, printed fabric, apparel, and even body jewelry!

Peace sign jewelry: Hippie Chic is Love!

World peace will never be out of style. In the age of constant war and strife that we live in it is a nice, lighthearted reminder that people have been fighting for the exact same things we are for decades. We now have tools such as blogs and social networking to aid us in worldwide unity against war and blind hatred.  Viet Nam and the War on Terror both equal death and heartbreak; in this social climate fashion tends to move towards a more gentle and optimistic motif in order to lighten the mood. Peace signs are generally associated with the hippie generation, prevalent in the 1960’s through the 1970’s but still relevant today. Free love and common understanding of the beauty that this planet and each human being dwelling on it contain are the main principles of the hippie subculture. The styles and attitudes prominent at this summer’s outdoor music festivals are extremely reminiscent of Woodstock, and I can see why.

Mood jewelry: Because it’s Not Always Clear What She is Feeling!

Mood jewelry, especially rings, has been popular since the mid 1970’s. I believe they were invented so men could tell exactly how women are feeling. So boys, this jewelry is a great gift! It is the only one that will give you insight into the interweaving of a woman’s complex mood (well, at least the 10 or so different ideas based on body temperature). Perfect for those occasions when you are wondering if she is in the mood!


Natural Stone Jewelry: The Trendy Way to Get Stoned!

The new stone age is not as antiquated as it may seem, it is an updated version of the trend that was widely popular in the 1970’s and beyond. Southwestern and American Indian inspired jewelry is everywhere this year!  Natural items are each unique due to their organic origin and you know they are quality because Mother Nature does not make rubbish. These trends are perfect compliments to the Hippie Chic and Beach Blonde looks that are huge right now. Shells, coral, and natural stones such as turquoise, agate, serpentine, unakite, jade, and tiger eye are adorning many different kinds of accessories. Natural stone plugs are amongst the most popular. I personally enjoy the fact that some of my jewelry looks like it could have been stolen from a Science Museum’s locked case.  Any trends that bring us closer to nature and make us look closer at a bit of natural wonder are worth paying attention to. Going organic is more than just a dietary choice!

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