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glow fashion and jewelry

Don’t be afraid of the dark. All systems are glow. Forget glow sticks and go beyond, with a mesmerizing new trend in jewelry and fashion. Glow in the dark and UV reactant neon clothing, body jewelry, and other accessories have been seen all over the fashion world. From the streets to the runway to the club scene, and all that’s in between, glow is the way to go.

There are so many forms of glow in the dark jewelry that you could turn up the spotlight on yourself using only these illuminated accessories. Glow in the dark, LED light up, UV reacting, and anything day glo or neon are all en vogue. Exciting new UV and glow in the dark tattoos are growing in popularity as well. UV reactant ink is used to create tattoos that can only be seen under the black light.

 fun UV reactive ink

From giant UV paint parties and neon raves, to the glow in the dark stars that you used to hang in your bedroom and beyond, everyone is glowing strong with this illuminating trend. The festival scene, especially Burning Man, has always been a place for glow in the dark beauty to shine. There is no electricity for the most part, so festie goers have to be creative. Otherworldly magic is captured within each glowing piece. Movement and music highlights the interesting effects of glowing jewelry. Glowing belly button rings look absolutely fantastic on gyrating dancers, or on girls with LED hoola hoops. That’s just one reason why this trend is so popular in the heavily pierced club scene.

The world of high fashion is even getting in on this once club-kid only trend, as the power of glowing glamour has been unleashed on several runways recently. Hip designer Alexander’s Wang’s models floated off the runway in gleaming, glowing looks made with glow in the dark fabrics. Tom Binns modern neon chic has been highlighting style for years, especially in the new Electro Clash Nova line. Bex Manners made jaws drop with her Bex Rex glowing gold cuffs and rings. There were so many unforgettably radiant, glowing accessories shown at Paris Fashion Week too. It’s clear that glow in the dark accessories are trending worldwide, and I don’t think this movement is going anywhere soon.

The modified fashionistas out there are now in luck. Like most things, glow in the dark body jewelry looks great in the light, but even better in the dark. This brand new vibrant Full Color Glow Collection is now available in belly button rings, plugs, cheater plugs, earrings, industrial barbells, and nipple rings.

 glow in the dark BCR body jewelry

Our exclusive and innovative glowing body jewelry will enlighten your style and make you stand out (even in the dark). All of your body piercings will be gleaming bright.  Be sure to also check out our glowing labret/monroe jewelry, eyebrow rings, tongue rings, and more. There’s a modern and futuristic edge to all things that glow bright in the night. This stunning jewelry style is perfect for elegant parties, festivals, everyday looks, and especially for dancing the night away at the club. Everyone wants to shine bright and get noticed.  Here’s your chance!

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