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Today is Earth Day, and in honor of the planet, we’re getting ready for Mother’s Day with some sweet and natural gift ideas that will make earth mothers swoon.

For hip young moms with cool stretched ears…

 organic wooden plugs and tunnels

Organic wood plugs are the way to go.  Wood jewelry is eco-friendly because it’s made of natural, biodegradable material, and it’s piercing-friendly because the natural pores in the wood allow stretched ears to breath.  Many who’ve made the switch from acrylic or resin tunnels to simple organic wood report a reduction in ear odor due to improved breathability.


For fun quirky moms who love bright color…

 embellished natural shell pendant necklaces

Shell necklaces are a fabulous fit.  They combine the sustainability of found product integration with the brilliance of modern technology for a neat embellished look that makes any momma a little more of an earth mother.


For fabulously fit moms with cute pierced bellies…

 natural stone belly piercing jewelry

Natural stone belly rings are where it’s at.  Not only does natural stone have great durability and leave a far less reaching carbon footprint during fabrication, but it also provides a very unique and interesting look, as no two pieces of semi-precious stone are the same.  Perfect for a lady who’s one in a million.


For stylish moms with a classic, unfussy fashion sense…

 natural feather pierced earrings

Feather earrings are an awesome update.  Whether she prefers a natural look, or likes to stay modern with saturated hues, earrings made with natural feather are the perfect addition to a sleek and simple wardrobe.  A great way to show momma bird a little extra love.

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