World Piercing Day is June 28!

World Piercing Day is June 28!

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Did you know that the international day dedicated to celebrating body piercings is June 28, 2022? Well, it is! and if you love piercings and pierced culture, you should celebrate! First, let’s get to know a little more about World Piercing Day.

What is World Piercing Day? 

This day of days for all people pierced and proud is celebrated on the birthday of Jim Ward, the man who is known for innovating the industry of body piercing. Without his vision for the future of body piercing it wouldn’t be the iconic cultural movement that it is today. 

Why You Should Celebrate World Piercing Day 

It’s important to celebrate your place in piercing culture for lots of reasons but for one especially. It’s only through education and awareness of the culture surrounding body piercings and proper safety standards that the industry will continue to grow and evolve safely. Worldwide celebration of piercing culture is also the reason it's far more accepted today than it has been in the past.  There was a time when piercings and tattoos were far more taboo in school, the workplace & in public in general.

How to Celebrate World Piercing Day

Many piercing studios celebrate with sales so it’s a great time to check out your favorite piercer and see what’s new. In fact, Body Candy’s having a big sale, too! Our upcoming sale is a secret to the public though so make sure to visit the following places for clues: 

  • Your email inbox
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Then, stop by on June 28th! The best way to celebrate World Piercing Day is to get yourself something new that will highlight your favorite piercing and show the world how much you love your look! 

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Why World Piercing Day is Important to Bodycandy

June 28th is the day of the year that the whole world recognizes and celebrates people (like us!) who love piercings! Like any other social movement, people who have modified their body with piercings spread awareness about people with piercings and promote education about the culture and safety standards that keep body piercing safe.

Body piercing as a trend is more popular than ever across all cultures and for so many reasons! While most people get piercings for aesthetic reasons, there are still many who get them because they are spiritual or religious or because they’re related in some way to their culture or have some kind of significant meaning. 

As the art form of body piercings continues to grow in popularity across the world, the business of piercing will stay in a constant state of evolution. Safety standards are more universal than ever, but regulations change from state to state across the US and vary from country to country around the world. It's important to stay informed and do your research so that you work with a professional piercer who will keep you safe! 

Society’s acceptance of visible body piercings has grown, but they’re still considered taboo or shocking in many places. If you have piercings, be proud no matter where you are and help to educate the world around you about people with piercings!