Which Piercing Fits Your Lifestyle? Things to Think About Before You Get Pierced 

Which Piercing Fits Your Lifestyle? Things to Think About Before You Get Pierced 

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If you’ve ever thought about getting a piercing and are thinking about getting more, there are a few things you should consider. From your favorite activities, your job, to your long-term plans for your body, there are so many factors to consider before you get a piercing so you can continue to curate the look you want for life. 


Listed below are a few simple questions to consider before you commit to your next new piercing.


Are you able to have piercings at work?


This is, unfortunately, still one of the most important things to think about before you get a visible piercing. Let’s face it. While most people and places have evolved thinking about people with tattoos and piercings there are still some settings where a modified look is considered inappropriate. 



In most cases, employers are clear about whether they have expectations about your appearance. If your workplace respects your autonomy, then facial piercings or visible surface piercings are on the table. If you’re in a profession that considers piercings “unprofessional,” then something below the collar could be a better fit. 


Do you need to be able to hide your piercing for school/work?


This ties into the issue above, but you may be in a situation at work, school, or other aspects of your life where you want to be able to hide your piercing. Maybe you’re not ready for your grandmother to see your septum piercing or it’s easier to have a piercing that can be turned up or taken out during your favorite activity.


Are you involved in sports/other activities where your piercing could snag?


This is so important! If you’ve ever snagged a piercing or even (cringe) ripped one out during one of your favorite activities, you know firsthand! If you play an active sport or have a hobby where a facial or surface piercing could snag, you may want to reconsider placement or get a piercing that can be tucked away or preserved with a retainer while you do your thing.


Piercings for professionals and otherwise active individuals


Whether you’re sporty, have a work look to maintain, or just want to keep your piercings private, we’ve got a few suggestions for piercings that might work for you!


  • Septum piercing – a septum piercing is a great choice if you’re dealing with any of the challenges above. Don’t want to show it at work? Wear a retainer. Do you play sports and worry about snagging? You can turn most horseshoe style jewelry up into your nose. No matter what the challenge is, a septum piercing could be the solution!


  • Navel piercing – Maybe you’re in a situation where a facial piercing or even cartilage piercing would be considered risqué. If your job doesn’t accept a modified look, you can scratch the itch with a belly ring that your coworkers never need to know about. Worried about sports? Belly ring retainers come with flat ends that will be less likely to snag.                                               
  • Nipple piercings – Getting your nipples pierced may not work for some sports, but it’s a great choice if you want to get a piercing that won’t be seen by your coworkers or conservative family members. Nipple jewelry comes in lots of styles so you can wear something subtle with no telltale outlines and switch out for something daring when you want to show them off.

Whatever your situation is, piercings are personal, and your body is yours to modify how you choose. Just remember that if you want to keep them private, that’s ok too. There’s a piercing out there that is perfect for you!