What's Your Summer Music Festival Piercing Personality?

What's Your Summer Music Festival Piercing Personality?

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Regardless of what kind of music you listen to, summer is coming and that means one thing: festival season is on its way! Whether you’re Coachella couture or Burning Man boho, everyone knows that part of going to a music festival is busting out some glam new gear to show off. Don’t just limit your look to new clothes and shoes, give your piercings some new life with a bit of festival-appropriate style!

Boho Babe

For the boldest Bohemian vibes, you can rock actual rocks! Check out our stone jewelry for maximum hippie vibes like this natural amethyst belly ring, our drop-shaped rose quartz saddle plugs (super stylish!) or the aventurine nipple rings. Add some celestial glam to your look with this wildly colorful crescent moon top mounted belly ring. Or rock a tree that you’ll totally want to hug with this dangle industrial barbell with a tree of life charm! It even comes in gold tone also!

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Naturally Neon

Make every day the brightest and every night a rave with the brightest neon colors out there! These eye-catching ice cream cone nipple rings are sure to melt a few hearts! Take your look to the outer reaches of the universe with this colorful Saturn double mount belly ring. Add some serious color to your cartilage with this flamingo cartilage stud that looks like it came straight from the 1980’s! Get HOT with these super-hot pink single flare plugs or get the look without a stretch with these neon green cheater plugs! Maybe even change up the vibe for real with this hot pink, vibrating tongue ring!

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Glow Girl

If you want to really light up the night, why not check out our glow-in-the-dark body jewelry? These nipple rings really get the message across, even in the dark – that message being “F*ck Me”!  You can be pretty and pink and still be glowing and glam with this pink horseshoe, which works in many piercings including septum, daith, or lip! Let some inner peace light up your night with this lovely lotus dangle belly ring! You can even get your glow on in a more subtle fashion with these glowing moon stud earrings.

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 If you’re ready to rock, we’ve got you covered in all kinds of ways that totally befit a burgeoning rockstar. In fact, the nautical stars on this horseshoe jewelry are perfect for everything from septum piercings to conchs! Add some gothic glam to your look with the bejeweled skull on this curved barbell, perfect for eyebrow or rook piercings! Add some sneer to your strut with these lips, reminiscent of serious rock royalty, and begging to be in your nose piercing. The multicolored melting skull on this cartilage stud will practically melt your face off and blow your hair to the back of the room!

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420 Festie

 It’s always 4:20 at a festival so why not add a little cannabis to your couture with this pot leaf-themed jewelry? This titanium hoop belly ring features a dangle weed leaf charm to combine substance and style! You’ll be ready to feel the rainbow and wear it with this rainbow-colored pot leaf nose ring! Throw some smoke in your septum or any other piercing you like with this pot leaf hinged segment ring! Or even combine pot and punk with this safety pin-styled industrial barbell with a pot leaf charm!

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Glitter Gal

 All that glitters….is great for a touch of glamour to your festival gear! Give the rest of the world the middle finger, with these whimsical glitter stud earrings! This faux druzy kitty cat belly ring will have you feeling fine and feline! Put some glitter in your tail with this mermaid tail cartilage stud – perfect for a tragus or flat piercing! Or you can keep it simple with these black glitter saddle plugs.

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  Your piercings are always a part of your look. Festival season is the perfect time to show them off with some stylish new jewelry. No matter what your style or what music you’re into, Body Candy has something to enhance your festival experience with a little bit of glamour. Be safe, enjoy the music, and as always….happy piercing!