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If you live in or around one of the country’s many haunted locales, Halloween can take on a special meaning.  For a little extra nod to that scary splendor, we’ve got just what you need to fit right in with those spooky surroundings.

Atlanta, Georgia

The historic Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta houses the remains of thousands who lost their lives during Sherman’s March, a campaign led by union Major General William T. Sherman during the Civil War, resulting in the burning of most of the city.  Atlanta is also close to the site of the mysterious Georgia Guidestones, a must-see if you’re ever passing through the area.  These amazing 19 foot tall granite slabs are engraved with a set of “commandments” inscribed in eight modern languages including Swahili, Arabic, and Russian.  Some claim the stones have mystical properties, and others believe they were initially constructed to assist in cult or satanic ritual practices, so a little dose of devilishness is just what the doctor ordered.

 cute devil themed jewelry

Buffalo, New York

Buffalo is located in Western New York and is the second largest city in the state, as well as being BodyCandy’s haunted hometown.  Here we’re in close proximity to the famous Lily Dale Spiritualist Community, and our haunted Central Terminal has even been featured on the Sci Fi Channel hit Ghost Hunters.  There’s also a slew of historical haunted locations, including the Van Horn Mansion, the Iron island Museum, the Lancaster Opera House, several cemeteries that house remains from the early 1800s, and the now condemned Buffalo Psychiatric Center.  With so many ghosts dancing through our surroundings, adding a few more to the mix can only make sense.

 fun shost themed jewelry

New Orleans, Louisiana

Home to some of the oldest and largest cemeteries on the continent, New Orleans also enjoys a rich and deeply rooted culture.  Many of the historical plantations here have been painstakingly preserved, in much the same state as they were over 200 years ago, creating the perfect backdrop for ghostly activity.  This is also the birthplace of modern voodoo in the US, and many of the dead are buried above ground in catacombs to help guard them against being washed away in frequent flood waters.  When it comes to freaky fashion, an homage to their decaying bones only seems fitting.

 skull and bone themed jewelry

Seattle, Washington

Aside from being featured prominently in the hit vampire movie franchise Twlight, Seattle and the surrounding areas are also home to a number of older haunted locations.  The popular Pike Place Market, for instance, is said to have been built over an old Native American Burial Ground, and other burial mounds have also been uncovered nearby.  Spirits are purported to dwell in numerous other locations as well, including the Capitol Hill Methodist Church, the former Claremont Hotel, the Martha Washington Institute, and the infamous “Screaming Well.”  To show the Native spirits that you mean no harm, some  dark and lovely dreamcatchers may be just the ticket.

dark dreamcatchers

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