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You asked for it, and we’re answering with even more facial piercings for your viewing pleasure.  So without further ado, let’s get on with facial piercings, part two.

We last left you with this fun little pic labeling the more common piercings that we get on our faces:

 common facial piercing names

So now let’s cover the less common facial piercings, shall we?  We’ll start with the help of our friendly neighborhood piercing model.  For our purposes here, the teardrop piercing, third eye piercing, and cheek piercing are all shown and labeled with dermals (microdermal anchors), which are single point piercings.  All three of these piercing also have the potential to be done as either a surface piercing (third eye and teardrop), or a standard piercing though (a stud pierced through the cheek).

less common facial piercings

The horizontal eyebrow, vertical labret, and high nostril piercing are all exactly what they sound like.  The septril and nasallang however, are both something extra special and fun.  A septril is a piercing that requires a stretched standard septum piercing, which is then pierced through so that the jewelry emerges at the bottom of the nose, and a nasallang is an industrial style piercing in which the nose is pierced from one side all the way through to the other, creating piercings of both nostrils and the nasal septum.  The rhino piercing is also a little fun, though a bit more traditional, being a vertical piercing through the nose tip that (especially when worn with a spike) gives the general look of (you guessed it) a rhino’s nose.

 vertical nose tip piercing

Lastly, we have the jestrum, lowbret, and eyelid piercings.  As you may be able to tell from the picture, a jestrum is simply a vertical medusa, and a lowbret is a labret piercing done lower on the chin.  An eyelid piercing is just what it sounds like, but isn’t it amazing that some of us actually have the guts to pierce our eyelids!?  I think so.

And there you have it.  For those who may have missed our chart of the common double and quad lip piercings (otherwise known as “bites”) the first time around, here’s a quick refresher:

 double and quad lip piercing styles

Didn’t see what you were looking for?  Submit requests for profiles of your fave piercings below in the comments. 

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