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Chances are if you enjoy a healthy dose of online time every week, you’ve seen some pretty neat piercings and jewelry around the web.  Something like these maybe:

 versatile closure ring jewelry

They’re heart closure rings, and they’re astoundingly versatile.  These babies can be gently pried open and slipped on like an illusion ring, to give the look of a piercing where there isn’t one, but the real fun begins for those who have multiple ear piercings.  Here are just a few places that a closure ring can go:

 wearing heart closure rings

They can also be worn in lobe piercings, tragus or anti-tragus piercings, all kinds of helix piercings, and loads more.  Where they’ll fit and look the best is a matter of piercing placement and anatomy, but as long as you get the right size for your piercings, they’re amazingly fun to play around with.  Interconnect them through multiple helix piercings, dangle them from industrial barbells, or feed them through eyelets for a quirky new look.  Create a heart chain that leads from your helix to your earlobe; the sky is the limit!

Other shapes of closure ring like flowers and stars are also gaining popularity, but for Valentine’s Day, the heart is definitely the way to go.  How will you wear it?

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