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Ladies and gentlemen, step right up and get ready to see the main attraction.  Come one, come all, to BodyCandy’s super piercing pages and watch in amazement as the lovely and talented Jojo embarks on a modification adventure: microdermal piercings.

microdermal body piercings

That’s right, our fabulous fellow modification enthusiast and burlesque performing beauty Jojo decided to compliment her fun and flirty retro style with some sparkling dermal jewels, and she was generous enough to let us capture the whole thing on video.   Follow with us as the skin under her clavicle goes from bare to bling in just one, two, three.  Just don’t blink, because our awesome piercing professional is so quick with the needle that you just might miss it.

chest dermal anchor piercings

Are you loving Jojo’s look as much as we are?  Then you’ll want to see how it all began, with our insider videos of her nose and lip piercings being performed, only on our user-friendly YouTube channel.

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