Vibrating Tongue Rings!

by Alexander Baran

The Vibrating Tongue Ring is an exciting and intriguing piece of jewelry. You can buy it as a gift for that special someone or for yourself to amaze your friends! It is chrome plated, 5/8″ in length and comes in a 16 gauge. Our custom surgical stainless steel barbell tongue ring is a powerful, battery operated micro massager. It runs on two #393 watch batteries, which we include in your package. The vibrating tongue ring is quiet, safe and flexible so it can be used in many ways! Our hot pink thrasher with the silicone spiked head is a top seller that also comes in a black-blue color! Browse through our other exciting tongue rings to choose your style. In addition, there is a six month warranty from the time of your purchase. Let your imagination run wild with our hot new vibrating tongue rings!

by Alexander Baran

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