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real gold jewelry for Valentine's Day

So your relationship is on “that level” now, which means it’s time to get some slightly pricier girly gifts.  What do you do?  Go for the gold, of course. Real gold shows that you care about quality, for her and for the relationship, so it’s always a home run.

These stunning gold nose rings are the perfect little something that will show her that she’s reached gold status without breaking the bank.  Handcrafted by our expert artisans, each piece is made to order in your chosen shape and size, so it’s a fab fit every time.  Choose from semi-precious or precious gems, sparkling cubic zirconia, or stick with a classic golden ball or modern shining star.  How big or little you go is completely up to you, but any one of these gorgeous designs are sure to get some eskimo kisses.

14kt white or yellow gold nose jewelry

Gold Belly Rings are another way to go, especially for the girl that has a fabulously fit midriff.  If she’s into showing off her awesome abs with some shimmering belly accessories, then this is the perfect piece for the ultimate Valentine’s payoff.  In shining 14kt white or yellow gold, these little beauties are available in crystal, cz, diamond detailing, birthstones, initials, and a whole lot more.  There’s something special for every bare-belly diva, with a plethora of handmade or pre-assembled options.

14kt solid gold belly piercing jewelry

For ladies with labret, monroe, or medusa piercings, these sweet gold lip studs are definitely a cut above.  Available in solid gold or with hypoallergenic bioplast backings, these flirty little lip rings will make a Marylin out of any modified vixen.  Opals, CZs, and semi-precious stones are just a few of the options that are sure to make her pretty pierced lips pucker up.  Now just surround the gift box in gourmet chocolates, and your gift is bound to become legendary.

14kt white and yellow gold lip rings

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