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There is something mysterious and magical about a skeleton key. Not the key itself, but all the potential it holds; the crossing from one place into the next, the power of unlocking a door, a secret, of privilege. The air of mystery is one of the reasons the design and allure of skeleton keys and padlocks have never really gone out of style.

What you wear says a lot about who you are.  Are you someone who locks away their secrets? Or are you someone who likes to discover and unlock the secrets of others?

Locked away: Secrets are meant to be secret, because of that they need to stay safe. Historians have found ancient locks that date back to the ancient Egyptians and Romans who used pin locks and keys to ensure the security of their jewels, important documents, and cash. These days with electronic locks on phones, cars, even automatic electronic keys to homes, the traditional padlock offers a vintage and alluring look. These padlocks let you give the impression of mystery, of a secret waiting to be revealed. Dress yourself as an elegant enigma with a padlock look.

Secrets are seductive: Let me clue you in on a secret; people don’t just enjoy keeping secrets, they enjoy sharing them too. There is a special, seductive thrill of being let in on a secret, of having key bits of knowledge that other people don’t have, or can’t have. Skeleton keys have provided designs that are both functional and fashionable throughout the centuries based on this concept of secrecy and exclusivity.

Wearing keys as part of your look gives the same impression of mystery as padlocks, but also lets others know that you are open to sharing your secrets, to bringing others into the private knowledge. The possibilities are as endless as your secrets.

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