Uncommon Takes on Classic Piercings

Uncommon Takes on Classic Piercings

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Piercings and body modifications have proliferated like crazy over the last few decades and some of what may have once been seen as “alternative” or “edgy” has become downright common. While we love this trend, sometimes you want to get a piercing that will stand out from the crowd a bit more. So here are few updated takes on more common piercings or alternatives for when your anatomy just won’t let you get the piercing want.

Craving a bridge piercing but your glasses constantly get in the way? Why not consider a vertical bridge? A vertical bridge piercing is similar to the standard kind in that it’s a surface piercing done around the top of the nasal bridge. However, there are two main differences –first, a standard bridge is usually done with a straight barbell, while a vertical bridge is generally done with a surface bar. (Surface bars have a shape similar to a staple –a flat bar with two shorter vertical sections for the ends.) Secondly, vertical bridges give you the option to take your piercing higher. Literally! These piercings have been spotted near the center point of the forehead for a look that is truly unique and eye-catching.

An industrial piercing isn’t for everyone. It requires plenty of space within the fold of the ear while the flat portion needs to be low enough not to rub against the jewelry. If you’re itching for an industrial but can’t make it work, why not an orbital? In the same way that an industrial is simply two helix piercings connected by a single barbell, an orbital is just two piercings connected by a single captive-style or horseshoe ring.This means you can choose the location to fit the most appropriate portion of your ear cartilage –not even just the helix!

Possibly the single most common piercing out there is the earlobe. These piercings are often a kind of rite-of-passage for children with some parents choosing to have their children’s ears pierced while before the child’s first year. We’ve seen them done to standard, we’ve seen them stretched, we’ve seen them stacked.... what about sideways? If you don’t already have pierced lobes, transverse lobe piercings are something to seriously consider. These piercings are done lengthwise through the earlobe. While this will take a bit longer to heal and maybe a bit of careful piercer shopping, the final effect is truly striking and far less commonly seen. Depending on the amount of earlobe you’re blessed with, you may even be able to combine these piercings with standard lobe piercings -because sometimes more is more!

Finally, there’s the lower lip. A classic piercing for a reason, this one looks awesome on nearly everyone. However, some people (and rightly so) have concerns about potential dental issues caused by the jewelry clicking against their teeth and gums. If you share these worries, have you considered a vertical labret? The name is slightly misleading. A vertical labret goes vertically through the lower lip, using a curved barbell. While the piercing does require a certain amount of tissue to work with, much like the original, it looks absolutely amazing when done properly. And –bonus –the jewelry never touches your teeth or gums!

If you’re in the market for a new piercing and want to put a modern spin on a classic look, you’ve got a few options open to you. And if you’re REALLY determined to get the original, make sure you talk to your piercer! They may have a few ideas about how to make the classic style work for you and your body!

Happy piercing!