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One of the most popular movie franchises in the Unites States in recent years is the Twilight Saga, based on the best selling book series by first-timer Stephanie Meyer.  In the screen adaptation of Twilight, lead character Bella Swan (played by Kristen Stewart) has a unique style that’s an eclectic mix of youth culture, tasteful adult sensibility, and a gentle hint of romantic that borders on light victorian gothic.

Though Twilight’s younger fans have snapped up one replica after another based on exact pieces worn by Bella throughout the movie series (so far a Trilogy, with two installments taken from novel number four, “Breaking Dawn,” soon to come), many of the franchise’s more adult admirers seem to be clamoring for hints on how to replicate the general style itself, rather than specific pieces.  So without further ado, lets break it down.

Bella’s character has a very simple style with a teensy hint of edge and little romantic touches strewn sparingly.  When it comes to jewelry, bracelets are a favorite (she wears at least one almost constantly).  Normally these items will be beaded, cuffed, or just standard leather, with a single focal detail, and since her character is meant to be from Arizona, you’ll find a subtle nod to western style thrown in.  Think brushed metal with a turquoise center design, strands of black leather interwoven, and large metal beads with a single deep jewel tone thrown in.

For necklaces, it’s more of the same.  Pendants, like the square one in Twilight’s prom scene, are simple, elegant, and hang from unadorned chains or ribbons.  Going minimalist with jewelry, especially necklaces, allows for more eye-catching details in the clothing.

Also, to take a page from the Twilight style fan book without covering yourself in images of the characters or motion picture advertisements, it’s a perfect soft hint to incorporate symbols that loosely relate to the imagery into your jewelry wardrobe.

Wolves, for example, are very trendy at the moment, along with many other animals depicted realistically, graphically, or even satirically.

Apples are another motif that can be easily added to jewelry in small doses, and are a fun item to wear in unexpected places, like as a nose ring or belly ring.

Native American style decorations are a great to integrate too.  Think single feathers, simple dream catcher shapes, or small tribal designs.

And of course, there’s blood red jewelry with related symbols such as ribbons, flowers, tribal emblems, apples, crosses, and chess pieces.  This color is very attention grabbing, so always use sparingly in a single item or simple coordinating pieces.

The vampire-human relationship in film is ever-evolving and in constant flux, but as long as deeply romantic and fantastical imagery continues to arise, mankind is sure to be enchanted with modern vampiric style.

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