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The tween market only continues to grow, and for those of us with some serious gift buying to do, it can be tough to weed out what’s going to really make a thirteen year old’s day, from what might fall flat.  So in the spirit of bringing joy to the wonderful world of teens and tweens, we’ve put together an X-mas gift list that’s sure to foster Holiday cheers and eliminate Holiday jeers.  First up: the feather hair clip.

You may have seen these on TV.  Like, all over TV.  Luckily however, there are some cute and interesting options available that won’t cost an arm and a leg (because you’ll need those for putting up your Holiday decorations).

Then, for all girls who’ve been bitten by the cute bug and have piercings, there’s kawaii style circular jewelry. Those who are fans of Japanese inspired crossover brands, like Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku collection or popular youth makeup brand Toki Doki, will love the Tokyo pop art style of this piercing jewelry.  And because of its universal nature, many of these items will be able to be worn in multiple piercings, such as the ear cartilage, septum, lip, eyebrow, and belly.  Consider it Holiday multi-tasking!

Now it’s time for some updated eighties.  Modernized versions of retro styled items are a hot ticket right now, and for all of those tweens who’ve been keeping up with their Beyonce and Katy Perry music videos, a pair of colorful lucite earrings might just be the find of the century.  They can even be customized with words or names that really speak to the gift recipient.  This way, they get something fun that literally no one else has, and you get to be the coolest gift giver EVER.

Next up, we have the unsung superhero of embellished jeans: the belt buckle.  Younger girls especially will prove to be huge fans of anything bearing emo culture driven, girly-tough motifs, like tribal looking butterflies, riveted hearts, and winged skulls. The perfect way to look “alternative” without going overboard.

And for teens who are still too young for tattooing but like the concept of body art, faux tattoos by legendary flash art designer Ed Hardy are the ultimate substitute; maybe even better than the real thing.

Looking for gifts based upon popular movies?  No problem.  We’ve got all the stuff for Twihards (Twilight movie fans), and Harry Potter fans, with a little bit of princess thrown into the mix.


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