Trending for Summer: Sweet on the Southwest

by Lorna

 sweet summer western fashion

Most of us remember playing cowboy dress-up games when we were kids.  Maybe you were a pigtailed sheriff, or a kidnapped tribal princess, or maybe you played a hired enforcer, like the famous gunslinger Annie Oakley.  Whatever your favorite character was back then, it might be time to dig her back up, because cowgirl style is experiencing a comeback.

From brimmed and dyed straw hats, to loads of weathered denim, and of course those flirty cowboy boots, southwestern fashion is definitely on the rise.  Turquoise  baubles and jewelry made with other natural stones, feathers, leather, or wood are a huge part of what’s driving this new cowgirl obsession.  Dreamcatchers, traditional Native American totem animals like the owl and wolf, and country florals all fall neatly into place within this trend as well, making everything that’s of the moment style wise fit together seamlessly.

 turquoise, tribal and southwestern navel rings

For an extra fashion-forward hit, it’s best to formulate a combination of several of these elements, which luckily enough, will still give your look an effortless appeal.  For more  tribal, turquoise, and southwestern summer fashion, don’t forget to check out our Viva Summer board on Pinterest.

by Lorna

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