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We all know that beauty and fashion are like fraternal twins: separate but forever intertwined.  But did you know that there’s one important person in your life that’s been shaping your fashion and jewelry choices without the aid of a magazine or an invite to the celebrity after party?  We’re talking about the one person who’s not just allowed, but in fact is encouraged to mess with your head: your hairdresser.

In recent years, celebrity has formed a close tie to the popularity of certain hair colors and styles, and equally important is the direct effect that those hair trends are now having on our fashion and jewelry choices.  Just take a peak.


Celebrity Hair Trend: Vivid Coloring

Musical Sensations Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga have all been seen rockin out with some wild hair.  Next was super bright hair colors for the rest of us in smaller, more wearable doses.  Then, before we knew it, popular designer lines began to release new clothing, shades, shoes, make-up, and jewelry featuring hot neons and saturated hues.

Celebrity Hair Trend: Two Tone Locks

When Drew Barrymore, Rachel Bilson, Whitney Port, and several others started flaunting an ombre chic hair look, our stylists suddenly informed us that a touch of natural roots were actually a good thing.  Soon after, dip-dyed dresses and jewelry styles became the trend of the moment.

Celebrity Hair Trend: Taking it All Off

You may have recently noticed some of your favorite musicians and celebs like Pink, Ashlee Simpson, and Emma Watson cropping their locks super short and super cute.  This past Spring, even fashion spreads and TV ads for everything from clothing to York Peppermints included models with sweet sculpted pixie cuts.  How this translated to fashion?  Miniskirts, headbands, and the statement choker are must haves for the 2011 Summer wardrobe.

She may not be a full blown fashionista with her finger glued to the media pulse, but next time I go shopping, my hairdresser may just receive a surprise gift.

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