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From the start of the hippie takeover in the 60’s, tie-dye patterns have made a colorful, whimsical fashion statement we’ve had yet to see a lack of. Whether it’s your old white t-shirt in need of an upgrade or a plain pierced ear in need of some rainbow swirls, tie-dye style is the way to go. We have PLENTY of tie-dye products in our inventory just waiting to be rocked out by your groovy pierced self! Some of the jewelry types we have tie-dyed options for include:

Most of the tie-dye jewelry you’ll uncover by clicking on the main image in this post is actually made right here at the Body Candy warehouse, so you’re always getting a unique piece made custom from us to you. Some of our popular styles even come in different looks – such as this cool glow-in-the-dark tie-dye navel ring!

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